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Boutique Charm

4. DECEMBER 2017

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Location: Auerspergstraße 21/2, 1080 Wien (Google Maps)Hours: Mo-Fr 11:00-18:00 • Phone: +43 676/649 42 01 • E-Mail: • 
Website:  • Facebook

Boutique Charm in the 8th district of Vienna makes vintage-obsessed hearts leap for joy. Especially lovers of luxury will feel right at home here!

Since Elena Muranova, the owner of Boutique Charm, kept the store’s online presence to a minimum until now, it is mostly just known by insiders. Mothers take their daughters, daughters take their girlfriends and these girlfriends, again, bring their mothers – every woman who has been to Boutique Charm once, feels so delighted by the affordable luxury pieces, she just has to let somebody in on her secret. We have to thank Elena for her way too nice negotiating skills. Her registered customers get a discount of 10% and also new customers can try their luck negotiating.

Vintage Pieces tell Stories

Elena loves Vintage pieces that much, because every piece tells it’s own story – and exactly these stories she loves to tell all of her customers. Sometimes I just come by to drink a cup of coffee and listen to all of her great stories about Vintage Chanel scarfs, Louis Vuitton bags and Dior jewelry. Elena’s joy with her Vintage pieces puts a smile on my face every time.

» Every vintage piece tells a story and that is what I love most about my job «

- Elena Muranova

The vintage and secondhand pieces you can purchase at Boutique Charm, have arrived from all around the world. Elena still has a lot of friends in her old home, Russia, who she is getting a lot of rare pieces from. She also travels to Switzerland very often, because she always finds great treasures there. And if she is not sure about the authenticity of a product, what, after 36 years in the luxury fashion business, is rarely the case, she is sending the piece for a spin around the world again to get it certified. If you ever think of selling your designer pieces you can run it by Elena – she sells pieces on commission. 


Pieces for every size and every pocket

The boutique offers great pieces for every budget. You can get a hat for as little as 25€, a Vivienne Westwood Body for 35€ and a cashmere sweater for 75€. Those of you who really want to damage their bank account can treat themselves to an almost new Chanel bag for 4160€. But also in the case of designer bags Elena has real bargains – Louis Vuitton bags start at 500€ at the moment. One time I could score a Prada waist bag for 40€. Also in terms of sizes I could find something for almost everyone: the sizes range from XXS to XXL – but also Elena said, it’s sad that she always finds more clothes in the smaller sizes 34-36. Shoe sizes range from 35-41 – and if the shoe doesn’t fit, there is still a great selection of designer bags that always fit perfectly!

Photos: Carmen Ladenstein


Even if you are not purchasing anything and just let Elena put a smile upon your face with her great stories – paying Boutique Charm a visit pays off every time! You can also write Elena on WhatsApp. She always sends her clients pictures of new pieces, if she knows they are looking for something in particular.

I'm so happy I was able to show you THE boutique, that has started my passion for Viennese secondhand stores 3 years ago, in our first store post. But there are many great stores to come - I promise. Let me know how you like Boutique Charm, what stories Elena has shared with you so far and tell me all about your favorite secondhand stores!