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Cape Town, South Africa

17. JANUARY 2018



T-Shirt: H&M Men • Pants: Gracious Daisy Vintage • Shoes: Converse  • Bag: Gracious Daisy Vintage • Sunnies: Asos • Earrings: Weekday

The most beautiful secondhand stores you have to visit when in Cape Town.

When I'm on vacation, it is only a matter of time until my sightseeing tours are turning into secondhand shopping sprees. Which does not mean though, that I am learning less about the city - it's just a different approach of getting to know the city's history. So many countries, so many customs - that also holds true for the world of secondhand fashion, what makes shopping for vintage goods in foreign countries so special. Eva and I will try to share our way of getting to know other cities with you as often as possible to inspire you for your next city trips!

I escaped winter for a month by visiting Cape Town for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Since I am not the typical beach person - as you have probably noticed already - I strolled around the city a lot to check out Cape Town's coolest secondhand stores for you. The stores, I fell in love with the most over the last couple of weeks, I'm going to show you now:

Afraid of Mice

Address: Shop 86 Long Street, Cape Town (Maps)  Hours: Mo-Fr 9:45-17:00, Sa 10:00-14:00 Website: Facebook  Instagram

First, I have to show you my absolute favorite store in Cape Town. Designer secondhand stores are still a rarity in CT, with one exception - Afraid of Mice offers great luxury fashion to great prices! Blouses are available for 390 South African Rand (25€), this amazing Fendi jacket/blouse costs no more than 80€. The most expensive piece in the store was a cashmere coat by Vivienne Westwood for 6000 Rand (400€) at the time. In terms of sizes there should be something pretty for every one of you girls!

»The clothes you wish your mother had kept for you.«


Jacket/Blouse: Fendi (80€ Afraid of Mice) Jeans: Vintage Levi's (40€ Afraid of Mice) T-Shirt: H&M Men  • BagMulberry • Shoes: Converse• Sunnies: Unknown Eyewear • Earrings: Weekday

2nd Take Long Street

Address: Shop 86 Long Street, Cape Town (Maps)  Hours: Mo-Fr 9:30-18:30, Sa 9:30-17:30, Su 10:00-14:00 Website:

2nd Take describes its assortment "from Armani to Zara" and that is exactly what you are going to find there. You can find great designer pieces next to Zara pieces, that you already wanted to purchase three seasons ago. My mouth really dropped when I found a Marni shirt for only 29€ while going through a rack of H&M and Zara fashion. When I found a Weekend by Max Mara blazer for as little as 24€, I knew I had to bring it back home to Vienna with me.
Great pieces are available in all different sizes and not only for us women for a change - 2nd Take offers a men's section as well.


Blazer: Weekend Max Mara (2nd Take Long Street)• Shirt: Noname (old - snitched from my mum) • Jeans: Zara • Shoes: Adidas • Bag: Mulberry

Second Time Around

Address: 196 Long Street, Cape Town (Maps) • Hours: Mo-Fr 10:00-17:00, Sa 10:00-14:00 • Website: • Facebook  Instagram

Second Time Around offers phenomenal vintage treasures. The pieces come from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Polka dot dresses, tulle skirts, pearl necklaces - everything that is precious has found a temporary home here. I was even able to find Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, when I went through the racks. By far the coolest of all pieces were these velvet pants I photographed for you - for 33€ I almost took them with me, had I had a larger suitcase. There's even a separate men's section, which would not even come to mind, when entering the Barbie-pink store.

T-Shirt: H&M Men Velvet Pants: Vintage (33€ Second Time Around) Sunnies: Asos • Earrings: Weekday Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton 

Gracious Daisy Vintage

Address: 285 A Long Street, Cape Town (Maps)  Hours: Mo-Do 10:00-18:00, Fr 10:00-17:30, Sa 10:00-16:00  Facebook  Instagram

Everyone who loves Vintage, won't leave Gracious Daisy so quickly again. My time travel lasted several hours - I spend a lot of time especially in the 70s. These great 70s pants I am showing you in the pictures has not even been worn before - so basically it's new even if it's more than 40 years old. The staff in the shop is so lovely you can really have a great time with them trying on crazy vintage pieces. Doesn't matter which decade of the last century you prefer - there's something for everyone! 

PS: Happy to be back in Vienna with you guys!

In case you end up in Cape Town some time in the future, you should definitely go for a secondhand shopping spree on Long Street. I have never seen this many mind blowing stores on one street before. If all the shopping makes you hungry, you should treat yourself to some delicious food at Lola's on Long Street - I miss their great food and juices already!

If you need other tips regarding Cape Town just ask me in the comment-box below or on social media. I have found some great spots over the last month and would be happy to share them with you!