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Favorite Spots in Amsterdam

17. July 2018 | Life | EN | by Nicole Perner & Marie-Christin Url


For Outfit Details check out our last post!

Must-sees aside from the tourist places you find on your own anyways..

Hey Guys! As promised (a little belated - so sorry!) we are going to tell you a bit more of our trip to Amsterdam today. We actually went there to surprise our friend George for his 30th bday. We, meaning 15 of our closest friends. He didn't know that we we would all be waiting for him at his surprise party, when his brothers took him to Amsterdam together with their girlfriends, leaving him feeling like the 5th wheel. So as you can imagine he was totally speechless when we were all waiting for him at the dinner venue. Our surprise was a huge success!

Although we were partying a lot (you should definitely plan a ride on a party boat, when you are going to Amsterdam with your friends!), we took some time to snap pictures, go on a Vintage hunt (Check out all the cool vintage stores we've found!) and visit our all-time favorite spots in Amsterdam once again. We are not going to show you places like the Anne Frank Huis, the Rijksmuseum or the VanGogh Museum which come to your mind anyways (Although one important tip on the side: Book tickets for the Anne Frank huis two months in advance, otherwise they'll be sold out for sure!). Instead we are going to show you some great places to drink, eat and to spend your day, which might not come to your mind otherwise.

Jeans-Overall: Mango • Purse: made by mama with love Shoes: Converse

Bike Tour in Zaanse Schans

Address: Zaanse Schans, Zaandam (Maps)  Website:  Instagram

An 18 minute train ride from Amsterdam Centraal (to Zaandijk Zaanse Schans) that's absolutely worth it. I discovered that cute little town, that always smells like chocolate (because of the factory there) the first time I was in Amsterdam four years ago. It was the highlight of my trip back then and all my friends told me it was the highlight this time. So you just HAVE to check it out. Rent a bike (you can do so directly at the trainstation in Zaanse Schans) and ride around town, discover the beautiful windmills, the many horse ranches, sheep farms, beautiful houses, always accompanied by the smell of chocolate.


|Nicole| Pullover: Mango • Orange Tee: Weekday • Jeans: Weekday • Shoes: Converse • Hairband: Asos |Marie-Christin| Shirt: Comme des Garçons PLAY • Jeans: COS • Shoes: Converse • Sunnies: Kate Spade

Shirt: Zara • Leather Jacket: The Kooples• Pants: Zara • Bag: Stella McCartney

Drinks & Nachos at Hannekes Boom

Address: Dijksgracht 4, 1019 BS Amsterdam (Maps)  Website:  Instagram

The most fun place to have a drink in Amsterdam is Hannekes Boom. You can sit outside, have a glance at the cool building of the Nemo Science Museum, have a cold beer and chill. If you are on a party boat with you friends and run out of drinks you can dock your boat, grab some beer and party on.  

Shopping at Cowboys to Catwalk

Address: Women: Oude Spiegelstraat 8 - Men: Utrechtsestraat, 1017 VL Amsterdam (Maps)  Website:  Instagram

When it comes to shopping, Cowboys to Catwalk is my top spot. I first discovered their men's store and dragged my boyfriend in but came across the women's boutique later. They carry a small but good range of designers like Acne, Comme des Garçons and Lemaire. Prices are pretty high, though if you visit them in sale season like I did,  you might get lucky and find something more affordable. Thanks to their super nice (!) sales staff I got the Yamamoto pants I was wearing in our last post.


Brunch at Dignita Hoftuin

Address: Nieuwe Herengracht 18a, 1018 DP Amsterdam (Maps)  Website:  Instagram

When you are travelling with 15 of your friends, partying all night long, breakfast is ...well... just not happening. Instead we met for brunch every day. Our favorite spot with healthy, and not so healthy, always insta-worthy goodies was Dignita.


Binging on Gouda

Address: Prinsengracht 112, 1015 EA Amsterdam (Maps)  Website: 

Whatever you have planned in Amsterdam - be sure to squeeze in some cheese! At the cheese museum you can taste over 30 different sorts of cheese - mostly gouda of course. It's more of a cheese shop so you don't have to pay any entrance fee - you can taste as many sorts of cheese as you please an if you fall in love with any of it you can purchase it in the shop. In the cellar there's also a museum where you can see all about the history of the Gouda cheese and how it's made.

Always Taking the Chance: Le Pain Quoditien

Address: Spuistraat 266, 1021 VW Amsterdam (Maps)  Website: Instagram

Le Pain Quoditien is a chain restaurant or bakery, my brother got me hooked on when I visited him in New York a few years ago. From that time on I take every chance I get to eat there. Since we have no Le Pain in Vienna we were all very excited to grab a bite at the one and only chain restaurant you can do no wrong.



Coffee & Clothes at Arket

Address: Koningsplein 20, 1017 BB Amsterdam (Maps)  Website:  Instagram

For more affordable but great clothes be sure to check out the Arket store. They only have twelve stores worldwide so far so I was eager to finally visit one. Its three stories high and you can find everything from homeware to children's clothing. After the shopping is done take a seat at the café on the ground floor and enjoy some excellent coffee!


Let's talk about travelling style real quick: the most essential shoe for all of our girlfriends - Converse. They just go with everything. When you are strolling around town you want to discover all the great places and should never be held back by blisters on your feet. After many mistakes of packing fancy shoes for previous trips we have come to the realization, that the only day shoe you need on your trip is a great pair of Converse or maybe Vans. They never go out of style and work with literally every outfit you could possibly wear. Pack one pair of dinner-shoes and voilà - the shoe packing is done. Stick to it even though you feel the need to pack two other pairs of great sandals or whatever - you are just ruining your vacay with your feet hurting constantly.

All we can say to travelling in style: Making great memories with your friends, is what life is all about. Be comfortable so you can enjoy every single minute of it!