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Silvia Milano

26. DECEMBER 2017


Location: Schultergasse 4, 1010 Vienna (Google Maps)Hours: Mo-Fr 10:30-18:30, Sa 10:30-18:00 • Phone: +43 1/27 67 847 
Website: • Facebook

Silvia Milano has the hottest pieces in town! We have found the first district's mecca of luxury secondhand fashion.

When out and about in the first district of Vienna you have to stop by Silvia Milano’s – even if it’s late at night. The shop window by itself accommodates such spectacular pieces of luxury, which excuse the slight detour on your walk home every time. Silvia Miladinovic is dedicated to redecorating her shop windows every couple of days and she has truly perfected the art of window display. Many customers return on opening hours to get their hands on the great pieces they fell in love with on their way home the night before.

Luxury fashion comes at a price – but luckily there are exceptions!

Silvia is best known for her great selection of Chanel tweed jackets. After numerous price increases in the house of Chanel, many former customers can’t afford their beloved jackets anymore. The more exciting it is to find a Chanel jacket at Silvia’s for 800€ to 1000€ instead of the usual 8000€ at the Chanel store. In case you are interested in Hermès purses you have to be quick – Silvia’s rare Birkin and Kelly bags sell like hotcakes. The most expensive piece to grace the boutique at the moment is a Chanel croc bag, selling for 5500€.
To bring you back down to earth: the sale’s rack is the best thing that could happen to us ordinary mortals. With discounts up to -70% you can get a blazer by Missoni for just 60€ or a D&G leather skirt for 59€.


Fancy pieces for every secondhand-lover

Most pieces are for women, who wear sizes 34 EU to 42 EU, but as in the game of secondhand fashion always applied: With a little bit of luck everyone (sometimes even men) can find great pieces. Especially Silvia’s collection of handbags never fails to take our breath away. Vintage-lovers, who are really looking for pieces that are older than twenty years, might not always be lucky, because Silvia Milano mostly offers collections, that are more up-to-date. But for those of you, who love newer pieces that are timeless nevertheless, it will be impossible to exit the boutique empty-handed.

»For me, it's Christmas everyday - I love it when somebody is bringing me rare designer pieces!«

- Silvia Miladinovic


Photos: Carmen Ladenstein


Silvia's passion for luxury secondhand fashion is contagious: Every time someone is running by new stuff for her to sell, her eyes light up like children's eyes on Christmas Eve. She is always so excited to unpack and see what rare pieces people have brought her. Sometimes she even has to buy them for herself. Next time you are cleaning out your closet you can do Silvia the honor of selling your treasures. She will definitely find your beloved babies a new home.

Think about my words, the next time you stroll around the first district and pay Silvia Milano a visit – you won’t regret it, I swear!

Tell me what great pieces you have found at Silvia’s so far! You can even share pictures with our readers by uploading them into the comment box.