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Their Brand is Secondhand

1. DECEMBER 2017


Team: Carmen Ladenstein (Photographer) • Nicole Perner (Author) • Eva Dinnewitzer (Author) • Katharina Jauk (Photographer) - Location: Café Hawelka, 1010 Wien


We are continually looking for the lovliest pieces of vintage and secondhand fashion in beautiful Vienna.

To introduce ourselves real quick - we are four completely different girls, who share a passion for vintage and secondhand fashion. We found each other in a roundabout way. It so happens, that we all come from different professions like photography, graphic design, journalism, psychology and fashion. But now more about the blog - we can get to know each other better in the next couple of weeks!

Our blog revolves around vintage and secondhand stores in Vienna - in our city they are a dime a dozen. We are looking for stylish stores for a smaller budget, but also for fancy stores to invest in great designer pieces you can wear a lifetime. Our blog posts should be far from sponsored posts and advertorials - so you can be sure all of the content comes from our own minds. Here we will update on our insider tips and the most beautiful pieces you can get in the Viennese stores at the moment.

»Photoshop has ruined our idea of beauty.«

- Peter Lindbergh


Being natural is leiwand

Another matter of our hearts can be described best using the words of fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh: "Photoshop has ruined our idea of beauty." Therefore, we are banning retouching with tools like Photoshop, Facetune and co. from our blog. Shootings will not take place after spending hours on doing our hair and make-up, instead we hit the streets when we feel like it, shooting when- and wherever we are inspired.

Fashionalist of the Month

To not only offer you our own opinions and tips and to show how many different kinds of beauty there are, we want to invite all indivudals who are interested in fashion blogging to share their style and ideas with our readers. How? Make yourself noticeable on instagram, tagging @the.fashionalist in your next picture to become our next 'Fashionalist of the Month'. You don't necessarily have to be interested in secondhand fashion to become our guest blogger - we want to show how diverse, yet equally beautiful people can be and offer our readers fashion advice from people they share similarities in look and/or personality with. We are so excited to get to know our unique guest bloggers!

Enough for the first post - we read each other next week!
Let's chat a little more in the commentbox until then, shall we?